Thursday, September 4, 2014

Omega is the 131st rehabilitated and released orangutan in Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest, Borneo

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Program, for displaced or orphaned orangutans rescued from areas of habitat loss, have released its 131st Orangutan.

 He (Omega) was released on the 20th April 2014 and was a ‘little bit confused upon being released into his natural habitat. He then found a corn cob in his travel cage and started enjoying it, before he finally spotted Sella and decided to hangout with her’, reported Goingback2Dforest.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Murinja, Rwanda becomes the 11,712 water project now established across developing countries

'The children made a mad dash for the water, drinking, bathing and basking in their refreshment. Like liquid magic, joy swept the crowd’, said Esther Havens and Taylor Walling, volunteers at the recent Charity Water Well Building Project.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mosquito repellant program successfully reduces contact with deadly Malarial parasite in Monkey Bay village, Malawi

On the 15th August 2014, Malawi Volunteer Organisation (MVO) has successfully reduced Monkey Bay villagers contact with Mosquitos through a systematic volunteer program.
‘People in Monkey day are very aware of the threat of Malaria, and this program is seeing some great benefits, not only in providing equipment, but of increasing understanding on prevention of this deadly disease’, said a representative from Monkey Bay community hospital.

Ukraine Orphanage’s scholarship program reaches 500 milestone

On the 15th August 2014, Universal Aid for Children (UAC) Ukraine has graduated their 500th student from their Scholarship program in Odessa.
‘I achieved my main goal – I finished studying and got a diploma and now have a profession I always dreamed about,’ said Vyacheslav Miroshnichenko, a recent graduate.

3 new classrooms during a 3 year plan, has seen school enrolments and exam pass rates improve in Uganda

Kahara Primary School, in West Uganda, has seen vast improvements in their education program, thanks to a 2011 three year infrastructure plan by Build Africa.
“We have attracted parents and attendance has improved from 256 to 386 because the new classes have space for the students to work. And we have new desks. They can’t cheat now!” said Christopher, the Headmaster of Kahara Primary School.

WFP Distributes Food During Ceasefire In Gaza

GAZA – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has taken advantage of a five-hour humanitarian truce to provide emergency food assistance to thousands of people affected by the escalation in violence and to move food stocks into position around the Gaza Strip.

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Disadvantage dunked at London Youth Games, by Greenhouse Charity U16 Girl’s Basketball team

Platanos U16 girl’s School Basketball team have been inspired to claim bronze with a 30 point win in this years London Youth Games, held on the 24th March 2014.
‘The London Youth Games run alongside the National Schools Competition and determines who’s the best in London. They certainly worked hard, playing some of the best basketball I’ve seen all season! They played aggressively, attacked the basket strongly and most importantly worked together as a team’, said a delighted Greenhouse Head Coach, Jenny Ridgway.